BS-MALL Premium Synthetic 14 Piece Makeup Brush Set


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  • BS-MALL Makeup Brushes Provides Assortment of Makeup Brushes – Kabuki, Foundation, & EyeShadow Brushes; Lip Liner, Blush & Powder Brushes. 
  • Shop BS-MALL’s array of makeup brushes, cosmetic tools and applicators to ensure perfect results. Find beauty tools for face,eyelashes, eyebrows and more. 
  • Our makeup brushes have bold handle for easy use. Highest quality material, high density bristle, high quality Synthetic fiber hair,Does Not SHED.

1. Angled Brush: It’s perfect for blush and bronzer.
2.Flat Angled Brush: Fits all areas of the face seamlessly.
3.Face Flat Brush: Blend liquid or cream products onto flat areas of the face such as forehead and cheeks.
4.Round Brush:Buffed powder foundation application,for blending mineral products onto the skin.
5.Tapered Brush:Best for concealing the under eyes and nose areas which are hard to reach.
6.Blending Brush.
7.Angled Eyeshadow Brush.
8.Classic Eyeshadoe Brush.
9.Concealer Brush.
10.Pricise Brush.
11.Detail Brush.
12.Angled Detail Brush.
13.Classic Detail Brush.
14.Eyeliner Brush.



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